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Santiago Airport Informational Guide to Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL) - Non Official

Santiago Chile Airport Taxi

Getting to downtown Santiago by taxi is a good idea since it is located 15 kilometres from the Airport, that means an average transfer time of 20 minutes.

Depending on traffic, transfer times can be larger, up to 45 minutes.

Even it isn’t by far the cheapest mean of transportation, it is the most straight forwarded. You may choose to share your ride with other passengers in order to get a cheaper price.

Vía Controlada

Santiago Airport has introduced a controlled route system known as Vía Controlada that provides taxi service.

This new system allows passengers to know beforehand the charged fare before picking up the taxi and make sure the driver has licence to operate at the airport.

Passengers should bear in mind that there are two kind of taxis available at Santiago Airport:

Black and Yellow

The regular ones. They run with a meter.


The tourist ones.

Taxis charges are fixed according to destination.

When pre paying the fare, passengers get a voucher showing their destination, fare and taxi stand location in the Vía Controlada area where their designated vehicle will be on standby.

safety concerns

To guarantee safety, passengers are advised to only ride official and authorized taxis.

We recommend to ignore the aggressive taxi drivers and representatives which are located in the baggage claim area. Don’t even dare to ask them for fares, since they will not leave you alone even if you tell them loud and clear you are not interested in their services. In fact, some travellers complained about being followed within the terminal by these people. Be careful.

If you choose to ride a non-tourist cab, a blue one, we recommend you to think twice unless your negotiation skills in Spanish are confident enough.


In order to take a taxi, the ground transportation desk is located at the luggage claim area, before the exit gates inside of the Arrivals Hall.

Take in mind you can pick up a taxi without requesting it previously.

The taxi rank lies outside the main terminal, facing it.

taxi Companies

If you wish to pre-book a taxi, you can do so directly from any of the authorized airport vehicle services.

To request a fixed-rate taxi, please call Vía Controlada: +56 9 4273 2887.

Other companies:

Taxi Básico Oficial y Taxi Turismo Oficial. 

Opening hours: 24 hours.


Expect fares between CLP 15,000 and CLP 20,000 for a one-way ride to downtown Santiago.

Prices may vary according to day, time and destination.

*fares may change. 


Uber is available at Santiago de Chile Airport.

One-way trip to downtown Santiago is about CLP 8,000 - 16,500.


If you wish to transfer to and from Santiago Airport on your own, there are several transfer companies available within the airport premises.

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